Friday, January 16, 2009

Where can we carry out our next donation??

Hello joy members,
As we are done with our first donation we now need to focus on our second. 50% of our members are from banglore hence it would be good if we schedule our next event in banglore itself. I need your suggestions ,views about our next event. Members can come up with names of orphanages,blind schools they have been across.
Joy bank group is a family. We all need to interact with each other for more ideas . Only then our goals can be achieved. Till now it was a one to one interaction between me and the other member. But i suggest we all interact with each other so that we feel AS A FAMILY.
post in ur comments and opinions. There are 43 members in our family now. Lets all be a team and achieve our objective. Because i believe that " What is important is not how much we do , but, how much love we put in doing it".

Keep smiling. :)


ukmad said...

there is one Karunalya a house ofr destitutes near ashok iron works

Gouree said...

Is it for all age groups or only children?

ukmad said...

Its all age groups

rashmi said...

In case I'm not too late with this.. There are a few places in Bangalore where you could go as a group. Also, not only donation, but if a group could spare about a day or half, its worth to go spend time there. There is a school for challenged children called Srishti. Its certainly worth spending time there..I have gone there about twice. Also you could go to NAB Indiranagar. I will mail you more details.

Gouree said...

hey do send me more details bout both the places.. if u have any contact nos of the concerned people do send them too...