Monday, January 12, 2009

First event- Grand success

Joybank group has started its joy ride!! Joy bank has just accomplished its first task for spreading happiness.
8th of january 2009 joybank group donated shirts,sarees and food to Shantayee vriddhashram Belgaum.All the grandmas and grandpas were very happy receiving our gifts. They have showered our group with all their blessings and good wishes.

This was a lifetime experience. As soon as we reached the ashram we received many smiles. All the grandparents were eagerly waiting for us. The manager Mr Nagesh Cougule welcomed us and made us familiar with the entire ashram. We started the function with prayers to the almighty lord. We then told them about our joybank group and all the donors who have donated. We handed over some eating stuffs to the cook. All the guests were requested to handover sarees and shirts to the grandparents.

The function was over by 7.30. “Our heart was full of delight when we saw the happiness in their eyes, Let us all pray God to make our hands so strong that we can reach all the needy who need us always...”

Keep smiling
Joybank group


ukmad said...

This blog is now very readable and the content also is good can u make a post, try and make this interactive by asking your members and others to pour in ideas and keep discussing what can be done next, by this people will keep visiting the blog

Gouree said...

yep sure uday!! thanks for ur ideas :)