Thursday, December 18, 2008

first event- Shantayee vriddhashram

Hello friends,this is to inform u all that joy bank is making its first donation on 8th of January to shantayee vriddhashram. This vriddhashram is located near VTU belgaum. The ashram includes 8 grandmas and 8 grandpas, a cook and a manager. We are going to arrange a function for these people on 8th. 8th being a holiday we hope to see you all in a large number.

names of the people in the vriddhashram->
1.Madhukar Khadilkar
2.Dheerendra punekar
3.Krishna kapileshwari
4.Narayan Dhomse
5.Sadashiv Deshpande
6.Sadanand pai
7.Yashwant pawar
8.Datta ghorpade
9.laxmibai khadilkar
10.sundarabai bawde
11.mathura gokhale
12.gangubai gawde
13.vijaya sangle
14.suhasini pandit
15.manutai otari
16.laxmibai patil
17.nagesh chowgale -manager
18.babul sahana - cook
The donation will be made in the form of new sarees and shirts.You can contribute a saree,a shirt or minimum of 150 rs, using which we will purchase on your behalf. In case you vcannot handover the amount directly you can do internet money transfer. In case of money donations all receipts will be mailed to you so that you know your money is put to right use.
Your presence will be the lucky charm for these people.This being the first event of joy bank ,it needs full support from all its members. In case you cannot make yourself available on 8th we will mail you a detailed report along with photographs.Hope to make this event a memorable one to all those grandmas and grandpas.GOD BLESS ALL.

Some of the photographs of shantayee vriddhashram-->

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