Tuesday, June 2, 2009

 Its time for our next donation. !!

"Desire society"-Bangalore is the place where joy bank will carry out its next donation.

Desire society is an organization that takes care of hiv positive kids who inherited this disease from their parents.Its parent society was registered in hyderabad in 2005.The branch in J.P Nagar shelters 22 children who are hiv +ve. They are in need of donations either in cash or kind.One of the directors of desire society Mr Subhash said that it would be helpful if we could donate few ceiling fans to them as it is their necessity at this moment. They are in need of books too. 

Address of desire society bangalore:
Plot no 35 coconut avenue,
Jambusavari Dinne,
J P Nagar VIII Phase,
Bangalore 560076

Members are requested to donate money(Min 150rs) to joy bank account from which we will be purchasing fans and books.If we join our hands together we can be of greater help than contributing individually.So lets work as a team. Detailed receipts will be given to all the donors. If the donor cannot join us on the event day we will be mailing you a letter from the desire society so that you know that your money is put in the right hands.This donation will be carried out on the last Sunday of July.Members are requested to join us on this day to make it a grand success.

People who want to donate can register using the link below

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